Flag Day 2016 sees our Flag flying at half staff all across the country.

From the White House press office, the Presidential proclamation came to fly the U.S. Flag at half staff to honor the victims of the attack in Orlando. Flag etiquette can be found at usflag.org 

The history of Flag Day dates back to 1885. My own personal history is that June 14 is also my late grandfather's birthday. I remember when I was very young thinking how nice it was that all these flags were out for Pop-pops birthday. Not too long after, the true meaning of June 14 was explained to me. To this day though, our flag still brings a special smile to my face.

June 14, 2016 finds no smile on my face, just immense sadness, as the United States Flag flies at half staff all across the country to mourn 49 lives lost so needlessly.

Friends and family of Kimberly Morris offer their remembrances of her in a story from the Hartford Courant. Kimberly, from Torrington, Connecticut, had recently moved to Florida, and was working at her job as a bouncer at the Pulse nightclub when the shooting took place. Morris was one of 49 people whose lives were snuffed out horrifically. For a glance into the lives of those lost go to TheDailyBeast.com

May they rest in peace.