Carnival rides, games, and all the junk food you can possibly consume in two hours means that the Danbury City Carnival is back in town.

The Danbury City Fair, you might say, is a throwback to the days of the Great Danbury State Fair. According to the Danbury Daily VoiceThe Powers Great American Midways Carnival, or better known as the Danbury City Fair will kickoff its run at the Danbury Fair Mall on Thursday, May 25 and will Tilt-A-Whirl its way through Sunday, June 11.


I remember those great old carnivals from my youth. I'm not sure if the Ferris Wheel had been invented yet, but I do remember the Ping-pong Ball and Fishbowl Games, or how about the Dart and Balloon Game? You can always get your anger and frustrations out by whacking a few mole heads in the Whack-A-Mole game.

I used to give the guy a $20 spot and just stand there for a half an hour whacking mole heads until I broke the game. He told me to, "Get out!'

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