"Goth" is dead? Tell that to the people who plan on celebrating "World Goth Day" tomorrow from all over Planet Earth. That's right tomorrow (May 23) is "World Goth Day." It's a celebration like no other, the Super Bowl of all things "Goth."

According to Holiday Insights "Goth" is more than wearing black and listening to sad music. They say; "The Goth culture is expressed in fashion, music art, and to some degree, behaviors." The annual celebration of gloomy clothes and dark attitudes originated in the U.K. in 2009.

Her's the thing about "Goth", It all seems like a lot of work. As far as I can tell you are not allowed to catch a suntan and I like sunshine. Clothes from other centuries seem to be expensive and hard to find. I also feel like not being able to smile in front of people could become exhausting.

I love "The Cure" and most of my t-shirts are black but you gotta lighten up. The "Goth" folks have boxed themselves into one emotion, they are the sad guys/ladies. This is what Gangster Rappers & Heavy Metal guys have done with anger. You can't hold the other emotions down or you could burst something internally.

Just last month Very Well Mind released the results of a study that show smiling can relieve stress, boost your immune system and lower your blood pressure.

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My money's on extremely compromised immune systems for this couple. One sneeze withing ten feet of either of these kids and they are down for a month.

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Blood pressure through the friggin' roof.

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Stress like you read about.

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Case of "The Monday's" on a Friday night.

DJ, can you play "Pictures of You" by "The Cure?" You are damn right I can, one my favorites.