According to the NY Post two unnamed men squared off to fight inside the Utica Avenue Station in Brooklyn and one bit off a a piece of the other's lip. One onlooker screamed "just swing" when it looked like they were about to fight. During the scuffle one of the men started chewing on the other's face and bit off part of his lip.

You see, we are not doing it right. We are not evolving at all, in fact we are going backwards in a hurry. When can we get to a place of at least respecting other people? You don't have to like everyone, you just have to NOT bit their lips off.

Is that too much to ask? That I can go out of my house and into public and not have my lips bit off? I'm a realist, I know the world can be an ugly place but I'd like to think my lips are safe right on my head. Apparently they are not.

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