"I Can't Drive 55" is the song that comes to mind, from Sammy Hagar.

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But if this new plan from New York City Mayor Eric Adams goes through, Sammy will drive as fast as they tell him. According to Auto Week, New York City is implementing technology that will be installed in 50 vehicles across nine different agencies, and prevents cars from going above the speed limit.

Mayor Adams says most emergency vehicles will be exempt from the program which is called the "Intelligence Speed Assistance Program." Mayor Adams told NYC1, the tech will keep the city safe. According to NYC, Adams said:

Speeding ruins lives, so we must take action to prevent it, and New York City is leading by example by implementing new technology to reduce speeds on city fleet vehicles our streets must be livable for everyone, and this technology will ensure that speeding is impossible in city vehicles.

Adams even said the speed-limit governor will be installed in his own vehicle.

Does anyone in this country watch science fiction films anymore? What are people thinking? We have to stop the government from controlling our movements. Sure, it's all in the name of safety now, but that is not where this is headed. What if you had to run and hide from your own government?

I know, I'm the tin-foil hat guy, blah, blah. Just for arguments sake, try and imagine it. The government is run by whatever side you don't like and starts to do things you cannot agree. They are attacking and being violent against their own people. Just imagine that, and tell me if you like the idea of cars with speed governors.

I know they are only putting them in city vehicles, not in the cars of civilians but that is always how it starts, that's how it always starts.

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