A new study indicates that NY made the top 20 list for workplace food thieves in the U.S. Zippia surveyed 1,322 Americans to find out what states have the biggest issue with people swiping their lunch.

Alaska took the top spot with a whopping 64% admitting they will steal someone else's lunch. The Empire State did not fare well at number 16 on the list. New York had 35% of their respondents admit they will steal their co-worker's lunch items.

What about our neighbors? Connecticut was number 25 and New Jersey was 32. Nationwide, 33% of the workers who participated say they will steal food from a co-worker.

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Drinks are often stolen and anything on the counter is largely considered up for grabs. But, the most amazing stat to come out of the study is that 6% say they will take your lunch out of your lunch bag from inside the refrigerator.

I have a thing with food, my co-workers don't often see me eating because I don't want to eat here if I can help it. But, when I do have something in the fridge, you best not touch it. I'll chip a tooth over a bacon, egg and cheese when I'm hungry so keep your head on a swivel.

We have one guy here (Ethan Carey) who will tear pizza crusts off of community pizza, eat the crust and put the slice back. It's an act of aggression is what it is and I do not condone this behavior.

What is someone supposed to do with a crust-less slice of pizza that has your knuckle juices and fibers all over it? You might as well throw it away, in fact that's preferable.

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