During the World Series, MLB teams are not supposed to make major announcements or do anything to upstage the "BIG SHOW." The New York Yankees did, however, manage to steal headlines during the Series over Joe Girardi's firing.

Cashman did not have much of a choice in addressing his firing of Joe Girardi after Joe announced it himself. That is understandable on both sides. Now, the series is over and someone has some 'splaining to do.

Now that I have had some time to reflect on this, I still think it's a poor decision, but I am willing to listen to what Brian Cashman has to say. The speculation, so far, is not good. The baseball rumor mill has suggested over the last few days that Brian Cashman intends on interviewing as many as 25 guys to fill the vacancy at manager. If that is true, it means Brian Cashman does not have a plan. It means that all he knows is he does not want to work with Joe G. anymore. He wants to part with him so much, that he is willing to put himself in the hot seat over the firing and the new hire.

I'm done crying about losing Girardi, who I love, but I want answers now. In fairness to Brain Cashman, I think his answers have been very straight forward in the past. He's not the typical Yankee in that you can get an idea of where he is headed after hearing him interviewed. If he is not straight forward this time, it means he does not know. Not knowing is bad. The fans would like to think you have a plan, and now would be a good time to share that plan, because people are nervous.

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