According to ABC 4 in South Carolina, Walterboro Police are warning Walmart shoppers of a man displaying "odd behavior." Police reported on Thursday that a man in his 60's was approaching women and asking them to "stand on his stomach." He even offered a few women money in exchange for the standing.

Where to begin? Is it a thing? Is it sexual? Gotta be, right? What if someone said yes? Where was this going to take place? Was it a Super Walmart? The Walmart's that are ya know, bigger?

I guess there is a thing for everyone and if it is "a thing" there is probably a group he can join on Facebook. He can meet like minded belly stompers and get wild on "the low."

I gotta say, stories like this only reinforce my running point that there is almost no good reason to leave the house. Once you step out your front door your rights are severely diminished and you have mental patients asking you to stand on their stomach. Careful out there kids, it's Banana Land.

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