Aunt Mary's Original Nose Warmer is one of a bunch of companies selling decorative nose warmers on Amazon. We have all had a cold nose and most of us just thought that it was a sad fact of life that we would just have to deal with but NO! There is a solution.

As I write this my nose is cold. My company apparently is of the belief that having no heat in the building is OK. They are old school, a holdout from a time WAY BACK WHEN. One of those throwbacks that thinks it's alright to make your employees work in any conditions necessary. Like, yeah sure it's forty degrees out but they can still show up an do radio shows. What do they expect us to do? Fix the heat?

So with the cold nose, today might just be the day that I would throw one of these nose warmers on but nah. I can afford to buy a snowman nose warmer or a kitty cat nose warmer, they are like $15. The problem is, at some point I am gonna pass a mirror today and I would have to look in it. I'd catch my reflection and not see a nose warmer but generations of Americans who came before me shaking their head. Can't do it.

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