Norwalk Police say they were notified by a shipping company that two men tried to ship a large sum of marijuana hidden inside a karaoke machine. Fox 61 says Norwalk PD arrested the men on Monday (1/11/21) shortly after receiving the tip.

Authorities say they seized approximately two pounds of pot from inside the karaoke machine. The men have been identified as Demitrius and Medas who reportedly planned to ship the drugs outside the U.S.

How are you fitting two pounds of pot inside a karaoke machine? This is the digital era, a karaoke machine is a laptop now. I'll tell you how, it was an older karaoke machine and if I had to put money on it, it was a Sound Choice setup.

If you've ever sung karaoke, you know this is what the Sound Choice screen looks like.

Great tune.

The inside of an old unit like that, is just the right amount of space to fit two pounds of pot and ship it out of the U.S. It was a noble try fellas (allegedly) but it looks like the shipping industry and the boys in blue won this round.

Top 5 karaoke songs I sing and blow the roof off with:

  • Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
  • Weezer - Say it Ain't So
  • Billy Joel - Downeaster Alexa
  • The Beatles - Don't Let me Down
  • Das Efx - They want Efx

You can't hold me down or compete with me when I stay in my music lane, I own the stage. I had plenty of practice back in the day, I used to host karaoke nights for my brother-in-law at Red Mills Pub in Mahopac, NY. Ask around about me.

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