According to the BBC North Korea's latest missile launch failed and exploded seconds after liftoff. North Korea has been increasing the frequency of it's missile testing despite the fact that they are banned from conducting such tests by the United Nations. Earlier in the month, North Korea successfully conducted four of these tests.

Kim Jong Un sucks at life in every way. He is a sadistic psychopath for starters. He is friends with Dennis Rodman which is a serious red flag and his hair is terrible. Now he is terrible at launching missiles. Nah nah na poo poo. You suck fat boy, get bent.

In all seriousness the fact that this lunatic continues to try and develop a nuclear program is terrifying. I'm no military of foreign affairs expert but I have a feeling that is not good for anyone.

This is one of those issues I try and not think too deeply on. If you spent your day examining the volume on unhinged personalities that have their hands on "the button" you may have some trouble sleeping.


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