Yesterday, the team I root for (Raiders) were headed to play the team my wife's cousin roots for (Packers). The game was set for a 1 pm kickoff in Green Bay. We figured since the Jets were on Monday Night football and the game was listed for CBS there was a good chance we would get to see the game locally. We invited my wife's cousin over to watch the game and eat.

Well, we did not watch the game, it was not available to us. Instead of broadcasting a game with the Packers and Raiders CBS showed the Chargers and Titans in my living room. Why show two of the most storied franchises in all of football when you can broadcast a game with an expansion team and another that has two wins on the year? That makes good sense, really putting your best foot forward there.

We tried everything to get the game, searched high and low for a way to purchase this game, just one game. Nothing worked and we ended up watching the Giants lose to the Cardinals and listening to the Raiders game on the radio.

The joke is that NFL stands for the "No Fun League." That's exactly who and what this organization is. They charge an arm and a leg for the Sunday ticket, boxing out real fans who love their team but can't afford it. Top that off with the fact that they move the games around from FOX to CBS to Amazon and the NFL Network. The shell game is only going to get worse as more streaming services arise and the NFL partners with them. You will have to have many services to catch your favorite team each week

In the end the Packers crushed the Raiders but that doesn't matter. I still would have loved to watch the game, see my team play, talk smack with my guests and over analyze the game. The NFL does not care about me, you or any of it's fans.

Their only goal, their only priority is money, getting all of the money that is available to get. The NFL could care less what these teams mean to so many American's. I do understand it's a business, this is America and their job, like any corporation is to make money. I also know, the longer they keep this up, the more money they will lose. I do spend money with the NFL, I pay to have their network and I buy apparel for me and my kids.

That is soon to come to an end, I'm tired of chasing these games and frankly tired of the personalities around the league. The narrative around the NFL is usually about a player who cannot behave off the field like Antonio Brown, instead of being about football. I hate that, I prefer college football where it's all about the football and I have my choice of tons of games each Saturday. That is where I intend to put my money and attention going forward.


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