What in the ever lovin' hell? As if parents don't have enough to deal with when the kids head off to school.

Makes no difference that I'm childless. I still went to school, and have some harrowing stories from my time there. Most of it is the usual stuff, though, I did have another kid try to strangle me once. Well, he thought he was giving me a rope burn, but it turned out a tad worse than that. So I guess the supposedly funny "wet willy" would be no big deal, but it's still wrong, at least according to one local school district.

The New Haven Register is reporting that a teacher in New Haven has been placed on leave after an incident involving the so-called "wet willy" prank. The teacher in question is accused of encouraging students to wet their finger and stick it in the ear of a girl who had put her head down on the desk.

According to nhregister.com, the unnamed fourth-grade teacher at Wexler-Grant School was placed on leave immediately after the alleged incident last week.

City spokesman Laurence Grotheer told the New Haven Register:

School administrators and District officials are investigating the matter in collaboration with DCF and will take appropriate action — based upon their findings — at the conclusion of that investigation

My gut instinct tells me that this teacher made an off-hand comment that certainly was a major misstep. But sort of like the kid that didn't think he'd really choke me, actions have consequences.


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