A Brookfield man has been accused of making a false report to police in what they say was an attempt at getting some revenge on an ex-lover.

According to the Newtown Police Department, 40-year-old Erik Gilstad of Brookfield allegedly called in a report to the department around 8:30 PM on Monday (September 2) claiming that a fight involving 5 to 10 people had broken out at an address on Berkshire Rd. in Newtown.

When the NPD officers arrived to find that there in fact was no fight at all in progress, an investigation was launched, and that's when it was determined that the call may have been a hoax.

From there, police say they tracked down Gilstad as the caller and it is believed that he may have been trying to "get back" at an ex-girlfriend who was at the Berkshire Rd. residence.

Erik Gilstad was arrested and charged with falsely reporting an incident and misuse of 911. He was released after posting a $500 cash bond.

"Due to nature of the 911 call a large police response was initiated, only to find out it was a hoax," said Newtown PD's Lt. Aaron Bahamonde. "It is very disturbing as the lives of our officers responding lights and sirens, the homeowners safety, and the general public were put at risk for a selfish individual who put revenge in front of every one's safety."

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