Does President Trump really think that conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, is a swell guy?

Back in February, Newtown's Board of Education sent a one-page letter to the President, asking him to speak out against against the notorious conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, who claims the Sandy Hook tragedy was a hoax.

According to an Associated Press article, Trump praised Jones by saying:

Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down.

Then the Associated Press actually asked the White House about the letter and their reply was as follows:

The President has been quite clear that we, as a nation, are united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms.

So why hasn't Trump spoken out publicly about this nut-bar, Alex Jones? This is the guy who has accused the United States government of being involved in the Oklahoma City bombings and the September 11 attacks. Alex Jones' attorney claims he's playing a character and is really a performance artist.

Since the shootings, many parents who lost their children on that hideous day have been privately and publicly harassed by these Sandy Hook "Truthers". What say you?

Do you think President Trump should reply directly to the Newtown Board of Education, denouncing the Sandy Hook conspiracists?

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