An official state study from 2015 set out to find what percentage of adults in each of New York state's 62 counties have the most binge drinkers.

First, let's define binge drinking. According to the Putnam Daily Voice, the federal government defines binge drinking as men partaking in five or more drinks on one occasion and for women, it's four or more drinks. The stats came from The 2015 New York Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System health related telephone survey. Let's take a look at how the Hudson Valley counties scored. The stat signifies what percentage of men and women in that county are booze hounds:

  • Putnam County - 19.7%
  • Westchester County - 17.9%
  • Dutchess County - 14.6%
  • Rockland County - 13.1%

The following are the top five binge drinking counties in New York State:

  1. St. Lawrence County - 27.8% (largest county in the state located in the upper northwest corner and part of the Thousand Islands Seaway)
  2. Greene County - 25.2% (located in southeast central New York in the Catskill area)
  3. Oswego County - 25% (located in the Syracuse area)
  4. Tioga County - 24% (located in south central New York in the Finger Lakes region)
  5. Fulton County - 22.7% (located in the Albany-Saratoga area)

The booze-hound average for New York State is 17.7% when it comes to binge drinking. Except for Putnam County, other Hudson Valley counties came in well below the state's average.

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