Does the idea of no one behind the wheel driving, freak you the hell out?

I'm kind of a control freak, and admittedly I have sort of the need for speed. Neither of those aspects make me a person to be enthralled with the self - driving car concept that is slowly but surely gaining steam.

Seems that while we, as a people, really like the concept of new technology, we are often still fearful of it. Take the idea of an autonomous vehicle. Yeah, I know, big word. It boils down to meaning a self-driving vehicle like what's being developed by Google's company Waymo.

Looks pretty cool. But not so fast say many drivers in our country.

A new report just out from AAA shows that while a lot of us would want this type of technology in our next car, we still fear it. Matter of fact in a survey that AAA did in 2016 three-quarters of U.S. drivers report feeling afraid to ride in a self-driving car, and only 10 percent report that they’d actually feel safer sharing the roads with driverless vehicles.

Will the fear be overcome? I do know that we love to be on - trend with all things popular, so my gut tells me most of us would get on board, eventually.

Greg Brannon, AAA's director of Automotive Engineering and Industry Relations was quoted in the AAA report saying:

A great race towards autonomy is underway and companies are vying to introduce the first driverless cars to our roadways. However, while U.S. drivers are eager to buy vehicles equipped with autonomous technology, they continue to fear a fully self-driving vehicle

Honestly, I just watched the video again, and I'm almost sold.

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