No wonder it's being called an epidemic.

We've covered numerous stories of sadness, tragedies, death, and families destroyed due to opioid abuse. Some manage to fight past it, but day in and day out we hear of countless people who succumb to the pain and addiction.

According to a story from a new survey just released from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, says that almost 92 million Americans took pain killer drugs like Oxy and Vicodin in 2015 alone. The article goes on to say that of the people surveyed five percent admitted to taking the drugs without permission from their doctor.

The causes are numerous. I've often heard from injured friends how wonderfully the pain medicine makes it all better. Not everyone is strong enough to give that feeling up, and so many of these pills are easily found, and become a gateway to further addiction.

And as evidenced by this most recent sad news reported by about David Feherty's son Shey dying from an overdose on his 29th birthday, July 29, 2017, addiction and mental illness makes no exceptions.

Question is, what will it take for this madness to end, and a solution be found to stop this epidemic.

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