Anyone who follows the Ethan and Lou show and reads my blogs knows there is a history here at I-95 with signs. There have been many signs over the years made by my co-workers. Some have been funny, many have been angry and some just raise questions.

This one is raising a lot of questions for me that include but are not limited to:

  • Who is Donald? Is it the President?
  • Why does he need a reminder printed out in 28 font and laminated?
  • What does "check for keys" even mean?
  • What do these keys open?

Just questions and more questions. I sometimes wonder if my co-workers know about e-mails and cell phone calendar alerts. What's next, Morse code? Smoke signals? Banners trailed by airplane? Carrier pigeons? Now I will spend the rest of my workday investigating who Donald is, what the keys are for and what is what here.

If you are interested in the full history of the signs at the radio station click here. 

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