The Town of New Milford is slowly becoming a mecca for some of Connecticut's finest restaurants, including Lucia Ristorante, Greca Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar, Good Eats Restaurant & Bar, and Yoko Kitchen.

According to Hearst Connecticut Media, restaurateur John Bourdeau, the former owner of The Owl in New Preston, was ready for a new culinary challenge, which is why he leased the space at 31 Bank Street, formerly occupied by Zaragoza. His new restaurant is called. Sparrow. A job listing for the new eatery was posted on the website, advertising job openings for all positions.

Bank Street - New Milford (Google Instant Street View)
Bank Street - New Milford (Google Instant Street View)

Sparrow owner John Bourdeau hopes his new restaurant becomes a culinary destination. He told,  "I’m really hoping we bring something fun and interesting to the town of New Milford. I hope we can create a culinary vibe that inspires young chefs to work with us or bring their talents to New Milford."

The culinary vibe Bourdeau is referring to is a global menu featuring unique Vietnamese, South American, and Korean dishes, to name a few. Bourdeau is certainly not a newcomer to the restaurant biz. In 2006, he debuted his first restaurant, Lucia Ristorante, also on Bank Street, now one of Connecticut's best authentic Italian restaurants. If you've been thinking of moving, New Milford is an ideal destination.

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