Nestled in the idyllic hills of Kent lies a Summer camp for grownups. Since 1946, vacationers have come to the club for a weekend of adult fun and games. Now, the fabled antics of Club Getaway make their way to a new Bravo TV series called "Camp Getaway," which premieres Monday, May 4.

Club Getaway's owner, David Schreiber, joined the Ethan and Lou show and gave us Connecticut's first sneak preview of the show. He told us that reality show producers have been approaching him about a show based on the club since he bought it 7 years ago, but the first film crew to come up was so obnoxious, he had to throw them out.

David shares a little bit about the concept of the show. Viewers will meet his staff of Social Coordinators as they get the party started on a typical day at the club, if there is such a thing.

David told us that they are obviously following Connecticut and CDC guidelines as they decide how and when they are going to open this Summer. In the meantime, you can experience it for yourself on TV.

Watch for our great friend, comedienne Christine O'Leary, in the season's third episode as well. You can hear the entire interview embedded below, and here are several sneak preview videos from the show's official page..

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