The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection has just issued an alert for consumers to be aware of an online scam targeting State of Connecticut credential holders attempting to steal your personal information.

According to Connecticut DCP Commissioner Bryan Cafferelli, Connecticut issues over 200,000 credentials electronically each year, and this one appears to be a phishing or imposter attempt targeting holders of Connecticut driver's licenses, permits, registrations, or other types of credentials issued by Connecticut's eLicense system.

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The Connecticut DCP wants you to know that there are a number of signs that should alert you to the authenticity of an e-mail. The first thing that you should check is the true e-mail address behind the FROM:. Is it different from what is actually displayed? For example, your BestBuy account statement should not come to you from The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection would never revoke a license without a formal hearing, and if you do click on the link by mistake, and it takes you anywhere besides a website that starts with CT.GOV, get away immediately, it is not legitimate.

If you believe you have clicked on a bogus link, and your personal information may be compromised, change your passwords on your eLicense account, as well as any and all websites where you may have used the same password.

Most of the recent fugazi scam e-mails that I've been receiving lately are about my iCloud storage being full, or I've won a prize worth over $250 like a makita Drill, but I have to answer that email now. Don't do it.

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