The New Milford Sports Club has been closed temporarily and the owner arrested while police continue to investigate why employees haven't been paid.

According to both and the New Milford Patch, State Police acted on complaints from various New Milford Sports Club employees, and on Tuesday, arrested the Club's owner, Dominick Donofrio Jr., who was taken into custody on behalf of the State Department of Labor.

The arrest warrant was issued after receiving 57 complaints from various Sports Club employees who received check's that bounced from the Sports Club, something that's been going on for the last few months.

The owners, who took over the club last summer, have been running into various financial issues since they reopened. The club made the news last month when it was reported they were facing eviction, and actually closed for a weekend.

This latest closing, which is being reported to only be for approximately three days, has members confused, not knowing if after this investigation, the club would close for good, or if they would get back any or all of their membership dues.

The Department of Consumer Protection is also investigating the Club after receiving employee complaints, and the New Milford Health Department recently shut down the facilities food service and pool due to lack of hot water.

It looks like a long road ahead for the New Milford Sports Club and its members unless their is an ownership change after this investigation is complete.

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