On Sunday, October 2nd, Ethan Carey published an article called: "A Majestic Sand Castle Appears on the Shores of New Milford's Lynn Deming Park."

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In the article, he explains that the Sand Castle (pictured below) was created by a local business called Create-A-Castle, owned and operated by Kevin and Laurie Lane.

Ethan Carey
Ethan Carey

Kevin worked with another sculptor named Dan Anderson (Dan In The Sand) to pull off this amazing sight. They used their sand castle tools from Create-A-Castle to make this wonderful dream, a reality.

The Create-A-Castle folks wanted to do something eye-popping to celebrate another dream. They got their business featured on ABC's Shark Tank. in fact, they filmed their episode awhile back and it airs tonight (10/7/22).

Ethan's article educated the community on the castle itself, but we wanted to know more about the TV experience. So, we asked Kevin and Laurie to join us on the Ethan, Lou and Large Dave Morning Show, and they said yes. They appeared on the Morning Show, on Wednesday (10/5/22) to answer our questions.

Lou: Did they ask you about proof of concept, profit margins, all those fun terms they use on the show?

Laurie Lane: Oh yeah, we had to be totally prepared and it is scary in the tank, because on TV, it is pretty overwhelming

Kevin Lane: But, everybody should be prepared because we brought the beach to the sharks.

Lou: I watch the show and I think a mistake people make in the tank, is when they go in with a pre-determined notion of who they would like to work with, did you?

Kevin Lane: We went in with the mindset of we need Kevin and Laurie.

You can listen to the Shark Tank portion of our interview below.

Or, you can catch our entire interview with the Create-a-Castle owners below. In the extended interview, we discussed how this process began, how difficult it was to build such a massive sand castle down in New Milford and how they developed their business.

Kevin and Laurie's Shark Tank episode airs tonight (10/7/22) at 8 pm on ABC. You can enjoy a special airing of the show on the New Milford green, the same date and time. The gathering on the green begins at 7 pm, so you have time to stake your claim for somewhere to sit.

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Majestic Sand Castle Appears on the Shores of New Milford's Lyn Deming Park

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