The next round of road paving continues this spring in New Milford with 9 roads to be either repaved, or reconstructed. So how will this affect you?

It's all part of a five year roads capital plan that's continuing in New Milford this spring, with nine more roads that will either be repaved or reconstructed, and is expected to cost almost $7.4 million.

According to the New Milford Spectrum, the town has already paved 7.2 miles of road during the fall. Paving would have begun much earlier in the year, but design work on the project wasn't complete, which pushed things back a few months. Now the town is getting ready to roll out the paving trucks by spring to take care of the next phase of this project.

Here is a list of the roads that will be on this springs paving schedule:

  • Erickson Road
  • Fordyce Road
  • Geiger Road
  • McNulty Drive
  • Long Mountain Road
  • Mist Hill Drive
  • Overlook Drive
  • Picket District Road
  • Second Hill Road

Also, as part of the paving process, the town will be scanning all the roads over the next few years to get a better idea of the work that's needed, then to see how well the roads have been repaired, and how the road work is holding up.

Right now, survey work is all set for all of the roads. Design work has been awarded for Fordyce Road, Geiger Road and McNulty Drive, Long Mountain Road and Second Hill Road. Bids are out for the design work for Erickson Road, Picket District Road, Mist Hill Drive and Overlook Drive.

John Whittman is the chairman of the roads committee, and he commented to the New Milford Spectrum that he's confident in the way the whole project is taking shape:

There’s progress going on and that’s why we want to look at this as a long term program to keep this going.

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