New Milford Police are seeking help from the public to identify two men they say were involved in a road rage incident.

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According to a posting on the New Milford Police Department Facebook page, the incident took place on Friday (9/2/22) between 3:45 and 4:03 pm. Authorities say the road rage participants were both white males, each driving a black car.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to reach out to Officer White at 860-355-3133 or

I feel like this is happening more and more. We just did a story about a Danbury Road Rage incident yesterday and now this New Milford one. I have been seduced by my rage to get out of the car and throw blows over some dangerous or stupid maneuvers but it's just not worth it.

How do I keep my temper in check? There are two methods we discussed on the Ethan and Lou Show recently. One came from a listener named Eddie Stocks from Seymour, CT who texted the I-95 Rock Mobile app saying: "these road ragers should listen to Natalie Merchant more often."

The other was one that I offered, I watch the TV Show "60 Days In" on the A&E Network. This show takes everyday people and puts them in jail for 60 days to gather intel on prison staff and inmates. This show is terrifying, it's officially scared me straight.

Sure, I might be a tough guy on a random Thursday in Danbury but can I hold my own with people trying to shank me for commissary items? The answer is absolutely not. I also can't poop with others watching and I need two showers a day, that does not work in jail or prison.

We spoke about it on the Ethan & Lou Show on (9/7/22), you can listen below.

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