We read in the CT Insider that a New Milford couple wants to put Alpaca on their property and they are encountering "red-tape" issues.

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We went right to the top on this one, we needed to know if New Milford Mayor Pete Bass was anti-alpaca, does he hate alpaca? Does he have a vendetta against this couple?

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It turns out the Mayor does not have a vendetta, and is actually pro alpaca. We spoke to the Mayor on Friday (3/25/22) and asked him about Alpaca-Gate and here is what he had to say:

"I actually think alpacas are pretty cool. But, you know everybody has to really comply with our regulations, no matter  who you are. It's fair, to not only everybody that applies for something similar but also for the surrounding neighbors. We just want to make sure that everyone complies.

I did speak to the couple myself, in trying to help assist having people go through the process, and I let them know as well, you know there are certain things that everyone has to do to comply.

You know, if you're looking to put these additions and changes onto your property, that you have to do a survey, you have to bring it to the zoning department, and I know that zoning has spoken to the couple as well and just wants to hear more information from the couple as to how this is going to happen.

Just to make sure that everything is complied with and that the neighbors surrounding, neighborhood and neighbors are also aware of what is going on. So, it's just a continued process, and we will continue to work towards figuring out how all of this can happen, or not happen."

Pete Bass
Pete Bass

You can hear more about "Alpaca-Gate" in the player below, or the Instagram video below that. The Mayor goes into more detail about the challenges this couple faces, and you can hear the Mayor react to Lou insisting everyone in New Milford get chickens.

Listen up New Milford, we love you and we know you love us. We spend a lot of time on Danbury, for sure but we are about to even things out a bit. You'll be hearing more from and about New Milford on the Ethan and Lou Show on I-95.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

I googled how to pluralize alpaca, was it "alpacas" or "alpaca?" According to engdic.org it's just "alpaca." Use that at your next cocktail party to stump someone.

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