The opioid epidemic has reached crisis level in Connecticut, but one New Milford family is trying to change all that one person at a time.

You may remember that back in December, Tony Morrissey and his wife Tracy, who lost their son Brian Cody to an opiod overdose, introduced us to their crusade #BrianCodysLaw.

The family has now gotten legislation on the table in Hartford with a wide range of proposals that include more stringent laws and improved treatment guidelines.

Now, they are looking for your help and have started a "Click Submit Campaign," a way that you can help spread the word about this ongoing crisis and at the same time, let lawmakers know that you support the cause. The time has come to pass this legislation, and get the law going so that we can slow down the spread of this epidemic.

Just go to, use the "Click to Submit" form to share your story, and send a message that the time has come for change. Even if you haven't been directly affected, it's a way to show your support for the cause. All submissions will also be directed right to Connecticut legislators who are the ones who can have the biggest impact -- there is strength in numbers.

Tony was back on our sister station, sharing the latest information and giving us details about the current campaign, which is not only online, but there is an app available now as well. Here's that chat:

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