Now that all the track repair work is done and the trains are running normally again, Metro-North has decided to unveil a new train schedule.

Metro-North Railroad announced that very minor schedule adjustments to certain Harlem Line and Hudson Line trains will start on Sunday, October 8. These schedule changes are being put into effect after the completion of track improvements on both the Harlem Line and the Upper Hudson Line.

Over the last 18 weeks, crews have been working on track improvements, reducing operating capacity, and forcing some schedules during peak periods to change between one and six minutes.

With the completion of the project, all tracks will be back in service, and Metro-North will restore all previous peak-period schedules, reducing the running times that were lengthened due to the track work.

Here are the changes Metro North riders can expect, according to a recent press release from the MTA:

Harlem Line:

  • With the completion of significant portions of the Harlem Line Right-of-Way Improvement Project, Metro-North is restoring all previous a.m. and p.m. peak period schedules on the Harlem Line.
  • Eight outbound local and express trains will operate 3 minutes earlier, with no changes in running times, to improve spacing between trains and on-time performance of New Haven Line outbound trains.
  • Some Harlem Line departures are shifted to provide adequate time for following New Haven Line trains to maintain their schedules.

Hudson Line:

  • With the completion of switch-replacement work near Beacon, weekend upper Hudson Line trains will be restored to their previous schedules.
  • Four a.m. peak inbound Croton-Harmon local trains will have 1 minute added their schedules between Croton-Harmon and Hastings-on-Hudson to ensure that these trains pass key junctions on-time en route to Grand Central Terminal.

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