According to the NY Post and VICERounderbum is a company that sells men's underwear with butt cheek inserts that make your back end more desirable. The underwear costs anywhere from 16 to like 23 bucks per pair and was recently featured on ABC's "Shark Tank." 

I am absolutely the target demographic for this company. I have ZERO ass. No junk, no trunk. I got nothing to drop like it like "it is hot." I don't own apple bottom jeans, cause I have no apple and no bottom. It's back straight to legs for me.

With that said, I still would not buy these. I don't stand for much but I do have some things that I believe strongly in. One of those things is not lying to women about who and what I am. I've never lied about myself to get attention from women. I tell them straight out, this is who I am, I have no money, this is what I look like. I basically have always done the George Costanza "opposite" routine.

I'm here to tell you it's worked for me. So I don't lie about my flaws. This means I cannot lie about my butt. It's not there, never going to be. I don't think it's fair for me to get a woman hyped on juicy, delicious buttocks and then drop my pants to reveal a concave ass. I don't appreciate it when they have fake parts that I find out about too late. Why would I do that to them?

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