A new ice cream shop that serves up its own homemade ice cream is now open in New Fairfield but they've overlooked one big problem.

I'll get to that problem in a minute. New Fairfield has anxiously awaited a new neighborhood ice cream shop since 'Sprinkles' closed down not that long ago. I'm pretty sure the new sweet shop is called, 'The Creamery' but I'm unable to find one word about it on the internet. If you're looking for it, this what it looks like from the road on Rt. 39.

The new ice cream shop in New Fairfield - photo credit - Ethan Carey

I'm thinking this must be what you would call a 'soft opening.' This past weekend the place was jumpin'! Located next to New Fairfield's newest eatery, 'Icons Sports Bar and Grill,' this new ice cream store doesn't even have an identifying sign up yet but if you drive by, you can tell it's open for business.

The Creamery - New Fairfield

Here's the problem with 'The Creamery,' they're open 7 days a week until 12 midnight! This means that my wife, Mindy will instruct me to fetch her some of that sensational sweet stuff 2 or 3 nights each week because you can't beat their homemade ice cream in a zillion different flavors. 'The Creamery' is located at 90 Route 39 just past 'Icons' in New Fairfield.