Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, CT just s--- the bed in another study I care about.

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A new humor study conducted by Shiny Smile reveals, when it comes to being funny, the Nutmeg State is average. In the State v. State Breakdown, Connecticut ranked #26 overall with neighboring New York grabbing the #8 spot. That is not all, Massachusetts went out and won the whole damn thing at #1.

Shiny Smile
Shiny Smile

To get their results, Shiny Smile examined data from all 50 states and the 25 most populous cities and assigned point totals to the following factors:

  • Residents per comedy club (40 points):
  • Residents per comedy festival (30 points)
  • Residents per comedy special host city (only for city; 20 points)
  • Residents per top comedian’s home state (only for state; 20 points)
  • Search volume per city/state (10 points)
comedy stage 3d illustration

Here's what I think they really did:

  • Wrote the names of all 50 states on Post-It notes
  • Stuffed them in a brown paper bag
  • Licked their palm
  • Popped the bag
  • Picked up the first state they saw
  • Called that the winner

Congrats Massachusetts, the human eye sees you on a yellow piece of paper first. This is rubbish if I've ever heard rubbish. I've been to Boston enough to know that there is nothing particularly funny about not being able to find a parking spot. There isn't anything that humorous about the place.

Maybe there is something to it, the more I think about it. As a student of stand-up comedy I know that there are a metric f--- ton of comedians that once called Boston home or got their start there. Comedians like:

  • Bill Burr
  • Patrice O'Neal
  • Denis Leary
  • Dane Cook
  • Mike Birbiglia
  • Lenny Clarke
  • Robert Kelly
  • Louis CK
  • Steven Wright
  • Gary Gulman
  • Doug Stanhope
  • Joe Rogan
  • Jenny Slate
  • Nick Dipaolo

And that is just from the top of my head, I'm sure there are plenty more. So point taken, sorry CT it's another check mark in the "L" box. Not for me, I'm originally from New York.

Shiny Smile
Shiny Smile

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I-95 Photo: Aurora Photography

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