If I placed a pumpkin in front of you and challenged you to find five different uses for it, what would you come up with"

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You might cut it into a jack-o-lantern, bake the seeds, make a pie and before you know it, you're running out of things to do with it. While they are a staple in the fall, they are not known as being particularly handy. I'd be willing to bet you'd never use it the way Connecticut people did during Colonial times.

Jack-o-lantern with smashed pumpkin.
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According to Only in Your State, the good people of New Haven, Connecticut found the pumpkin to be extremely useful in their grooming habits. OYS says CT people were known for sporting "pumpkin-head" hairdos. They used cut pumpkins as a guide for haircuts and people actually walked around like that!

Youtube/Chris Cold TV
Youtube/Chris Cold TV

My dude, I think your pumpkin slipped.

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I used to get some really bad haircuts so I am not one to talk. I was short, fat and bald at one point. Then I went short, fat with a mohawk look. I used to have lines carved into my head by a stylist and I even frosted my tips for a time. Bad hair was something of a sport to me and I excelled at it.

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