Since 2015, Alan Sheaffer has been a teacher in China but now he wants to move his family back home.

Sheaffer and his wife, Ceren have been struggling since January when the Coronavirus broke in China and Sheaffer says, "everything turned upside down."

The family lives in China's Fujian province which is approximately 1,000 miles from the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan, but that doesn't make a difference because almost everything has been shut down.

Since the schools have been closed, the paychecks have stopped, and the Sheaffers have found themselves in an impossible situation. They were told to stay inside and avoid crowded areas.

Now all they think about is trying to get home to New Fairfield which has been difficult to accomplish without any cash flow, which is why they started a GoFundMe page which is currently at $795.

They've been told that schools may not start up again until May plus supplies and groceries have become hard to come by. At last count, China has reported 80,026 cases of Coronavirus. Alan Sheaffer told that being held, hostage in his own home was, "absolutely torturous!" The good news, neither Alan or Ceren have been diagnosed with the virus. Here's the latest news update regarding the Coronavirus in the United States.



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