We all wish our dogs could talk or that science could develop a way for them to. Unfortunately the tech that can make this happen is probably not coming around anytime soon. However, if you have interest in hearing your dog appear to swear all day, one company has got the perfect product for you. The product is called the "Cuss Collar" and it's produced by a company called MSCHF.

The dog barks and the it activates the collar using technology that is no doubt thirty years old. Look, they took the insides from a Teddy Ruxpin, shrunk it down, taught it to swear and here we are. It's clever for the moment, they will make some novelty bucks but this is not a scale-able business as they would say on "Shark Tank" and for those reasons, I'm out. But it, don't buy it, what the hell do I care?

Here's a demo ad they did, it does contain unedited swears so if you are not into that, move on.

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