According to NBC Connecticut Ajamu Obataiye has been hit with new charges for his alleged dumping of mutilated chickens in Westport, CT. Obataiye now faces four counts of breach of peace and four counts of littering or dumping, in addition to his original charges filed back in Mid April.

Obataiye is accused of leaving decapitated chickens outside a Westport home and was originally arrested on April 13th. He was unable to post the $75,000 bond  on new charges and was transported to court.

I'll tell you what I don't like is headless chickens in my yard, especially when I was not the one that removed their heads, it's bound to catch you off guard. Everything is context, if you process chickens to make homemade patties or chicken jerky that's one thing. To see them on your front lawn all dead and stuff...disturbing.

I'm speculation master and yet speculative answers are eluding me on this one. I cannot begin to guess why someone would remove chickens heads and dump them on someone's lawn. Best not think too deeply on this one, I could pull a brain muscle.

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