Some Connecticut legislators are working towards securing numerous women's health rights in the state.

Things change. This last election certainly proved that, as will the days to come. Whether the changes are good or not lies within every individuals right to decide.

What shouldn't change is the right of everyone to access health care. But it's no surprise that we are on a slippery slope with the change in Presidency.

In a story from a group of state Democrats are looking to guarantee a variety of women's health rights in Connecticut. Five proposed bills were introduced at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Jan.23, 2017.

Senator Mae Flexer was quoted by the Hartford Courant saying:

In the last seven years, 338 state laws have been passed limiting women's rights to make their own reproductive and health care choices. We're here today to make sure that that's not going to happen in the state of Connecticut. Unfortunately, this year there already have been several bills that have been introduced to limit those choices to health care for women

Flexer and the six other Democratic state legislators say the bills they introduced will help make sure that Connecticut remains at the forefront of protecting a woman's right to choose her own health care. This is a battle that includes abortion rights, so I have to believe that the fight will rage on, loud and long.

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