I'd like to get a few things out of the way: I like Nelly's music, but I don't know the man so I don't know if he's a cool dude or not. Second, look at that sweater (above photo), just look at it. What did that cost? I can't imagine the money he spent to buy a sweater that makes him look like an old lady's purse. now onto the business.

TMZ broke the story, Nelly was enjoying some gambling at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT this past Saturday, and was apparently not loving his experience, because he went on a rant that included the words, "Get off my nuts." This was captured on video:

Here's the problem with gambling, Nelly Nell, it comes with an inherit risk of losing the money you put in play, and that can make even the most level headed dude lose his mind. You could just not gamble, and then you will have none of these issues. The second thing I see as a serious problem here is that you were wearing a fanny pack across your chest while arguing with someone.

Whenever two people are arguing and one has a fanny pack strapped to their chest, I always side with the no-fanny-pack human. In a court of public opinion, you will always lose when you look that way. Furthermore, how dare you take on Mohegan Sun? They are, as advertised, "A World at Play."

I've had the great pleasure of going to and staying at Mohegan Sun as a VIP guest no less than 15 times. True story, not bragging. In fact, I could not afford to stay there as a regular guest let alone a VIP guest. See what had happened was, I had the privilege of performing at their Cabaret Theater many times. I brought my uniquely crappy stand up comedy routine there on multiple occasions, and no matter how bad I beefed it on stage, I was always treated with 5-star service and accommodations.

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Nelly, you know the Sun is awesome, you are just a bad gambler and piss poor dresser. Much love for the music though, you get booties popping like people read and write about.

Also, a "big ups" for "get off my nuts," this is an old school classic and one of my favorite terms of all time. You tell someone to get off your nuts and they usually have zero recourse. In this case, you used it and still lost for the aforementioned reasons, so get off their nuts, Nell.

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