According to CBS Minnesota 1 in 4 couples sleep in separate beds and get better sleep because of it. The National Sleep Foundation released those findings from a survey they conducted recently. The people who can't sleep in a bed with someone who moves or makes noise have what they call an environmental sleep disorder.

What are some of the things that our partner does that might keep us up? Snoring, constantly moving, watching loud TV, leaving lights on, sleep talking and sleep walking. Well some people have had enough, they got their own bed and many of the people who do sleep alone say they sleep much better.

My wife and I sleep together not separate and some nights that is awesome. Other nights she's moving her feet constantly, those feet are cold and of course touching me. She likes to lay diagonally and take up most of my half of the bed. Erica is also kind enough on really special nights to fall asleep with the TV on so I can wake up to "Married at First Sight" blaring at 3am.

Maybe there is something to this separate bed business. We go the early part of our lives having our own bed and just because you fall in love you have to give that up? Maybe it is time to make this a thing?

I'd love to sleep in a pitch black room, no TV on, fan blowing on my head, in the middle of the bed, on my back with my arms spread out on either side. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO! Someone shuts off the fan, takes 73% of the bed and does rock blocks of the "Real Housewives of Potomac." That is not conducive to healthy rest.

I'm getting a bed, I have made a decision, I sleep alone. You know cause she's got the "Jimmy legs."

This was all for show and fun. I actually cannot sleep very well unless my wife is in bed with me doing annoying things.


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