Ghosts, are they real? There are those that are non-believers and those who truly believe that spirits of the dead exist.

This Saturday, September 29th at 10pm at select locations all over the country Haunted Journey's present 'National Ghost Hunting Dayand has been labeled as 'The World's Largest Ghost Hunt.'

"On one night, the world will unite as one, to tell of it's historic story through the haunted."

Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators from across the globe come together at specific locations in every state in the country. In Connecticut, the Hartford Elks Club has been chosen as the state's ghost hunting location.

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What goes on during an official ghost hunting? According to the National Ghost Hunting website, an officially registered ghost hunting team and/or paranormal team will attempt to collect evidence that proves paranormal activity does exist. Professional ghost hunters are a serious bunch and will bring in all types of electronic equipment.

The Hartford Elks Lodge was chosen because people have reported feeling entities in the building and others swear they've heard footsteps and voices where there shouldn't be any. Some others claim they've actually seen tables move by themselves along with an apparition saying, "Get Out!." Check out last year's ghost hunt at the Hartford Elks Lodge.

If you're interested in being a part of National Ghost Hunting Day this Saturday, "Who you gonna call?!" Click on, for all the information you'll need to officially register.

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