Today is National Croissant Day!

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Happy Croissant Day to you, my friend. No, I'm not making this up; it's a legitimate holiday. According to Blank Calendar Pages:

"Croissant Day is celebrated on January 30th each year to honor the perfect breakfast pastry – croissants. Chewy and fluffy, these crescent-shaped rolls are typically made from flour, yeast, salt, butter, and milk. The key to a perfect croissant is folding butter into the mixture to create several thin layers of butter and dough. The result is a soft, airy body with a scrumptious, flaky crust."

It's National Croissant Day! Stop By One of These 8 Delectable CT Bakeries

Today is National Croissant Day! Happy Croissant Day to you, my friend.

No, I'm not making this up; it's a real holiday. According to Blank Calendar Pages:

Croissant Day is celebrated on January 30th each year to recognize the perfect breakfast pastry – croissants."

Since it's a Tuesday and a somewhat dreary time of the year, let's take the opportunity to celebrate something whenever we can. And what better choice than the croissant? Why not now? Why not us? In acknowledgment of this special day, I conducted some research to find some of the best-rated bakeries to get a fresh croissant in the state. Here are eight of these wonderful places.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Don't get me wrong, I love the croissant but I should warn you that this is not a food you eat in your car before an important meeting. I've made this mistake one too many times. You head into work thinking you're all put together and everyone laughs in your face because you're covered in buttery debris.



Not only are you wearing the evidence on your shirt but folks can see it in your eyes that you are seconds away from slipping into a carb-coma. It's a basic rule of thumb, the better the food the worse it will make you look if you house three of them in your car.

French pastries on display a confectionery shop in France

For more information on useless holidays and delicious snacks, Check out the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show on Apple & Spotify 

7 of the Best Places to Get Delicious Nachos in the Greater Danbury Area

In my opinion, nachos are the height of indulgence. If you want comfort food, nachos always deliver. I've been thinking about them all week and I know where I get mine (Pippa's - Danbury) but we've heard my opinions plenty so we asked the listeners of the Ethan and Lou Show what they thought. These are some of answers we got texted to us on the I-95 Rock Mobile app chat feature. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Hat City Group Selects 10 of The Best Breakfast Sandwiches-Delis in Danbury Area

If you consider yourself a breakfast sandwich connoisseur, you know that a bad one will really upset you, so getting the right deli or breakfast spot is what matters most. Most breakfast sandwich extremists know exactly where they are going when they are hungry in the morning and they have their favorite spot. They'll travel out of there way to get there if necessary and it will be worth every extra second.

Maybe you don't have a favorite, or your preference isn't in business anymore, maybe you are new to the Danbury area and if so, you came to the right place. I found a pretty comprehensive list of some of the Danbury areas best places for a breakfast sandwich and It just happened to be on the Danbury, CT Reddit page.

If you are looking to have someone blow smoke up your a--, there are plenty of websites where you can get that. If you want honest, harsh and critical reviews, go to Reddit. If you find a positive review on Reddit, it's because the place they are recommending is very good at what they do.

Someone just like you (u/JansportStrings) was is search of breakfast on Sunday and posted: "Best Breakfast Sandwiches/Delis in the Area?" Below are the delis/eateries they selected.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Some of Danbury + Brookfield's Best Churro Spots

A churro is a fried dough dessert found in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. When covered in cinnamon and dipped in Dulce De Leche, it's one of my favorites. The question with anything worth having is, how far do I have to go to get it? If you live in Danbury or Brookfield, you are not going far at all. And, I'd put our churros in Danbury + Brookfield's up against any churro you can get anywhere. These are some of Danbury + Brookfield's Best Churro Spots.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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