Near Earth Objects or NEO's as they are called are absolutely a threat to Earth. An asteroid could at some point collide with Earth. Scientists seem to agree it will happen but predicting when is another story. NASA says it is stepping up it's efforts to do just that.

According to the NY Post they have developed a new plan for earlier detection of objects headed our way and mention in very vague terms they will have an action plan for deflecting such an object.

WELL GOOOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You have an action plan you say? How bout some details? I mean an asteroid colliding with our home planet seems like it could be a severe inconvenience. Let's get on that.

NASA, next time you have an BIG announcement about how you plan on saving Earth, go ahead and bring me some details. Right now, I need to hear five words from you.

Until you have a plan I'm gonna go ahead and say you get "Big Nuts" Harry Stamper and Chick on the phone and get them onto a training facility toot sweet. You can find "Chick" Chapel at the craps table, Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas Nevada. As for where to find Harry Stamper? Just follow the smell of nuts, big ones.

Did he just suggest that the best way to save Earth from an asteroid is to use a plan from a Jerry Bruckheimer film? Yes, yes I did.

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