According to Daily Sabah an Australian telescope has detected a series of mysterious Fast Radio Bursts or "FRB's." Daily Sabah says there have been twenty of them over the last year, New Scientist reports as many as fifty of them since 2007.

The reports seem to conflict on where the signals come from. Sabah says they come from outside our own galaxy and New Scientist says they are from inside the galaxy. What everyone seems to be able to agree on is that they don't know much about them or what causes them.

I'll tell you what's going on, our phone calls are finally getting answers. You see back in 1977 a butt load of geniuses led by Carl Sagen got together and put together the Voyager Golden Record. The group compiled the content for the record based on what they thought best represented humanity. The record was coded with math, music, photographs and even the structure of human DNA.

The "Golden Record" was attached to Voyager 1. That probe is deep in space and who the hell knows who has checked it out. I think someone or something has and they are trying to answer us back. I hope they are cause I need someone new to talk to. You humans have worn me out.

FUN FACT - These FRB's reportedly crank out as much energy in milliseconds as our sun does in decades.

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