Back in the day when we all returned to school they would ask, "how was your summer?" "What did you do?" We would answer, they (the teachers) would pretend to care and everyone had a blast.

Answering that question this year is a bit more difficult, this summer was dominated by COVID-19, financial struggles, power outages and murder hornets. Taking all of that into consideration, my family and I still managed a few small trips that made the summer fun for us and for the kids.

My Summer Was Great, Thanks for Asking

Watching them raise the Mystic River Bridge was actually a lot cooler than I thought it would be. I felt like it was 1911 and I was watching the Titanic kick off the dock. Thankfully, this event worked out a lot better than that.

After my second and final trip of the summer wound down, we got back home to Danbury, CT and I thought the summer was over. I was wrong, there was one more item on the agenda.

It was time to celebrate my father in-laws birthday and he doesn't do anything small. He had a full band play, but I did not make it that far into the night. I was, however, awake to see the accordion player he hired Carlos Fernandez.

It was a busy summer, I hope you were able to enjoy yours, the way I did mine. I am happy that it's over and it is over. The first time I see a "Spirit Halloween Shop" or hear the words "pumpkin spice," the summer has officially come to a close. I saw my first "spirit shop" on Sunday and heard the words "pumpkin spice" today. Time of death, now.

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