If you have ever had a softball game in Roger's Park or been to one of your kids practices there, you may be familiar with this sight. There is a stream of some sort or a water run off that stretches the length of one of the softball fields and ends at the small football practice field. At the end of that run off, this is what you will see.

There is a softball which is understandable but the rest is head scratching. In the upper right of the photo you will see a bottle of bleach, then you have plastic bags, bottles and metal cans. There is a foul odor that you can smell from a few feet away. The possible "algae" is a little too fluorescent for my taste. You can hear but not see frogs in this bog of eternal stench but they do not sound right. They sound like frogs who have emphysema because they probably do.

I am not an environmental activist or anything but this defies logic and human decency. Let's put aside the fact that it has not been cleaned by the city for a second. Who dumps a bottle of bleach in a body of water where there are living things? You have to be a special kind of A-hole to do that.

I live in Danbury and I love Danbury but we can do better than this. Let me restate what should be the obvious, don't chuck your crap everywhere. For every great person I meet I feel like I meet 3 savages. Let's get our s--- together.

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