This is my 32 year son, Ethan James(EJ) who's a recovering heroin addict and this is his story.

My son has gone from experiencing the feelings of utter despair and hopelessness to a new life of being drug free. He says it wasn't easy. He tripped and fell a couple of times along the way until he enrolled himself into a controlled methadone maintenance program at a local clinic. Some people who take methadone end up taking the drug their entire life, but after 4 years, he said enough of these 'liquid handcuffs!' It took EJ 14 months to bring his maintenance dose of methadone down from 105mg per day to 0mg and that's when his life really changed!

Read about his story by clicking on this Facebook page. He'll be the first one to tell you it was a roller coaster ride of monumental proportions. His mom and I stood by him as he got on and off the ride and he thanks us all the time for saving his life. We didn't save his life. He did all the work.

If you know someone who's on the same ride as EJ was for 5 years, I suggest you check out this website, EJ would like to invite you to view his Facebook Page. He's become a messenger of hope and inspiration for addicts in recovery and hopefully for those thinking about following his path, not to mention he's a helluva singer/songwriter.

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