I don't know what I was doing the day my friends were experimenting with Pop Rocks candy, but I can tell you I was not there. I remember hearing the urban legends about mixing them with soda and dying. Maybe that is what kept me away.

We mentioned Pop Rocks on the Ethan and Lou Show a few weeks ago, and the phones lit up after I said, "I don't think they make them anymore." We were flooded with phone calls and listeners sending pictures to prove Pop Rocks are still out there.

This morning, one of our listeners, Russell, stopped on his way to work and brought me a pack, and I knew it was time to fill this void in my childhood. Here is how that played out:

"Pop Rocks" review:

  • Fun to try once
  • Tastes terrible
  • The crackling went on way too long
  • I have a hard time believing the ingredients list. They are leaving something out, because Blue #1 does not make your mouth crackle.
  • Science is amazing

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