For the last week or so, people in Kent and New Milford have been dealing with an incredible Ice Jam. The frozen ice has caused a major problem with flooding, and has inconvenienced local residents with closed roads, and property and dock damage.

Sunday afternoon, my wife and I were in New Milford taking a hike at Lovers Leap. After that, we went into town. The entire ride took us right next to the Housatonic River, and the massive Ice Jam. So that got me thinking — shouldn't an Ice Jam have some type of a song written about it, or at least some type of "Jam?" As we drove, I started coming up with some lyrics in Rap form. By the time we got to downtown New Milford I had completed something I call "The Ice Jam":

Now, to be a rapper that people take seriously, you need a name that fits. I brought up the Rap Name Generator, and it came up with this name for me: Mr. M. Chill aka The Vile Pile. Some people here at radio station dubbed me, "Mr. MorBLING" Which rap name do you like better?

So there you have it. For the first time anywhere, it's my rap debut, check out my song (video above) and don't be afraid to comment.

Good luck to the people in New Milford and Kent. Maybe this "Ice Jam" song will be just what the doctor ordered.

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