My friend Steve Rappoport, journalist for Fox News in New York City may have met his match in his daughter's wit and intelligence. She pulled a quick one on the tooth fairy who tried to pull a quick one on her!

Credit: Steve Rappoport--Fox News

Steve's daughter Brianna carefully placed her tooth under her pillow, and did not get the visit she expected from the Tooth Fairy. Brianna left a note in the morning asking why, and it turns out that for safety reasons, the Tooth Fairy couldn't complete her appointed rounds. The room was not clean enough for her to navigate the space. (See note above).

It's what came next that really floored me.

Credit: Steve Rappoport--Fox News

Brianna tried to tack on a late fee, expecting a $10 bill under her pillow. You gotta admire her confidence. No word on if she got the late fee or not!

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