I found out this was happening just over a week ago, and I am delighted. I love radio, I love being on the radio, anything involving radio is for me.

Tonight, I will be able to be heard talking politics with Leslie Gold on over 150 radio stations around the country, and online around the world.

Leslie and I had a phone conversation yesterday, and went over a few bullet points because it is my first appearance, and as she put it, "May be my last."

We have honed in on a few things that we want to talk about. We will cover President Trump's strike on Syria, Sean Spicer's enormous mistake, Neil Gorsuch, and North Korea.

Because I have to be me, I will make a few jokes, we will do a little dance, make a little love, and get down tonight. You can listen to Leslie between 6-9 pm and I will join her between 8-9 pm.

I can not wait. I really am delighted to have the opportunity, and even more delighted about the stories I will bring back from NYC to the Ethan and Lou show tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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